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 Power Levels!

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PostSubject: Power Levels!   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:37 am

All of you who have questions about the concept of power levels, please read through this guide for more detailed information. Please note that any reference to an army refers to a normal, modern army.

There are three Power Levels: Low, Medium and High.

Each Power Level is split into three tiers: Low, Middle and High.

Here is a detailed explanation of each Power Level, by tiers.

Low Power Level

Low-tier Low (1): This is the very lowest power level and consists of the weakest characters, either people who are absolutely normal in ability or less. A regular citizen with no combat experience would likely fall into this category, along with old grandmas and noisy poodles. An example of a character who would go into this tier would be Olive Oil from Popeye.

Middle-tier Low (2): This is the second power level and consists of normal people with basic combat experience. A trained soldier or police officer would fall into this category. A good example of a character from this tier is Sherlock Holmes.

High-tier Low (3): This is the third power level and consists of normal people with a great deal of skill or talent. A very skilled martial artist would fall into this category. Low-level bosses are often High-tier Low. Some examples of characters would be Walker, Batman and Zorro.

Medium Power Level

Low-tier Medium (4): This is the fourth power level and consists of people with unusual powers that give them an edge over normal people but aren't necessarily super strong. An example of this power level would be the Shadow from the old radio show.

Middle-tier Medium (5): This is the fifth power level and consists of people who are much more powerful than a normal human and would be able to win any fight against a normal person one-on-one. Some examples of people of this power level would be the Power Rangers, the Sailor Scouts or a skilled psionist.

High-tier Medium (6): This is the sixth power level and consists of those who are very powerful, able to handle large groups of opponents and solo many stronger-than-normal enemies. Medium-level bosses are often High-tier Medium. Some examples of these would be Merlin or the White Ranger.

High Power Level

Low-tier High (7): This is the seventh power level. These are powerful characters that could devastate an army, but fail in comparison to many other high-powerec characters. Some examples of these are mecha or dragons. A single character that fits this power level is Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Middle-tier High (8): This is the eighth power level. The common category for high-level characters, these are very powerful characters, but aren't quite capable of being called the greatest. Some examples of these are Sonic the Hedgehog and Superman.

High-tier High (9): This is the ninth and highest power level in our system, consisting of the truly powerful characters, many of which are the antagonists for high-level stories. These possess the most combat potential and are the closest we allow to god-like characters. An example of one of this power level is Urza Planeswalker from the Magic: The Gathering plotlines.
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PostSubject: Re: Power Levels!   Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:10 pm

God-Tier (10): Not allowed even in the slightest. Though there are characters that fit this level, you are not allowed to make any. Not even as final bosses. Any character profiles that have this level or describe powers of this level are to be killed dead. Effective Immediately. THe only exceptions are NCNPCs (Non-Combative Non-Playable-Character) such as natural force characters (Satan, Lucifer, Gabriel, God, Izanagi).
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Power Levels!
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