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 OOC: The Machine Movement

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Title : You do that again and I'm knocking you into next week.

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PostSubject: OOC: The Machine Movement   Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:07 pm


The land you are in is covered in sand. You wake up from your shelters to find yourselves in a destroyed underground base. You walked out forward just to find dying scientists. What's worse is that the scientists are you and your friends. You look at yourselves to find out you are all robots created to live on your lives in the dangers of the desert. You also find out that many humans in the world converted themselves into robots. The first thing you are told is to leave the underground base to find civilization at a nearby human town. However, a small army of robots are involved in a human genocide. Who exactly is leading the army?


Basically you all are once humans who's mind is copied into each of their prospective robots. Each of you guys will at first control your dying human selves trying their best to open up your modeled robot versions from their capsules but nearly killed in action. When your robot versions awaken, you may interact with your dying human selves before they pass away. Each of you will all start off clueless because your robot minds are actually 3 months back from today's selves. This means you are unaware of the environment you are in. You will find each of persons equipped with a weapon.

There's an evil robot organizations destroying each city throughout the country, so I'm going to need villain robots too. The villain robots will be under the rule of the organization founder.

You must have a "Hero" and a "Villain" robot. It is optional to have a "Wanderer", or lone robot who may help, hinder, or screw around with both sides.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Human Name:
Model Name: YY-XXXX (Fill in each Y's with capitalized letters and each X's with digits)
- Head:
- Eyes: (Optional)
- Body:
- Accessories: (i.e. scarf, arm bands, etc.)

Carried Weapon: *

Attached Weapons: **
- L Arm:
- R Arm:
- L Leg:
- R Leg:

Abilities: ***
- Weapon Abilities: (i.e. Power in close combat to deal slightly more damage, auto lock-on with ranged weapons to your opponents for higher accuracy, projectiles shoot from close-ranged weapons to hit aerial opponents.)
- Armor Abilities: (i.e. Generate weak barriers that blocks far range attacks, slightly decrease damage intake on close combat weapons, immerse yourself in steam which increases evasion.)
- Tech Abilities: (i.e. Jetpack to stay afloat temporary or get over gaps, extreme speed to likely attack first or reach destinations first, heavy body parts to prevent flinching and also have terrains to their advantage.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* These weapons do not drain your character of energy. Ammunition laws still apply. (Sword, guns, rocket launchers, whips, etc.)

** Fill in with guns, missile launchers, lasers, riot shields, and other robotic weapons. Using your Attached Weapons will drain your character of either ammunition or energy depending on the weapon. Attached Weapons in use will look like their perspective weapon. Attached Weapons not in use will revert to their humanoid arms and legs unless you want your weapons readied, so don't worry about picking up objects in game.

*** You may only have ONE of each you see for each Weapon, Armor, and Tech Abilities. You are welcome to claim a skill from the example.

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Title : You do that again and I'm knocking you into next week.

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PostSubject: Re: OOC: The Machine Movement   Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:26 pm


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Human Name: Flinn Cross
Model Name: NL-2875
- Head: Face is covered by a plain steel mask. Eyes can be seen through them.
- Eyes: Yellow eyes that glow from the mask.
- Body:
- Accessories: Audio jack from the lower back of the head. Plug in cable to listen to any MP3 player.

Carried Weapon: Mirror Sword - Has the ability to deflect projectiles. (See Weapon Abilities)

Attached Weapons:
- L Arm: Electric Whip - May latch onto other objects like a normal whip coming out from the hand. Lightning damage may drain the user a lot more quickly.
- R Arm: Wrist Cannon - Fires large round of energy shots from a magnum mounted the top of the wrist.
- L Leg: Missile Launcher - A rocket launcher that fires homing missiles and fly at heated robots or straight forward.
- R Leg: Mini Gun - Fires small bullets from the knee.

- Weapon Abilities: Counter Projectiles - Far ranged weapons can be deflected when countered by sword properly.
- Armor Abilities: Strong Armor - Increases defense slightly on far ranged projectiles.
- Tech Abilities: Tactical Roll - Rolls in the air to prevent certain close ranged attacks. May not work all the time.

As of 08/12/10:
Need to share Monster Hunter Videos to see dem outtakes here!

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PostSubject: Re: OOC: The Machine Movement   Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:47 pm

For lack of a better name, The Purists is the name of the organization hellbent on the genocide of what remains of mankind.


Name: Aaliyah Deitus
Model Name: XL-8910
Power Level: 7
- Head: Angular, aero-dynamic helmet shape, face cannot be seen.
- Eyes: Multi-compound eyes for unparalleled observation and scanning capabilities.
- Body: Jet-shaped for increased aerodynamics and top speed.
- Accessory: Military cameo from his past life. He doesn't know why he has it, but he wears it regardless.

- Preferred Weapon: HLR70 - VEGA "Hi-Laser Rifle" - A sleek, powerful, long-range sniper weapon capable of firing intense blasts of energized ion particles at massive distances. These blasts are able to punch holes in even the toughest of armors. Its only, but major drawback is the energy needed to fire the weapon.

Attached Weapons:

- L ARM: HLR71 - INSOLENCE "Laser Blade" - A super-high energy blade capable of slicing through all known Earth substances. Again, its drawback is the extreme amount of energy needed to sustain the weapon.

- R ARM: HLR72 - IBLIS "Laser Shotgun" - A brutally powerful laser rifle that fires multiple beams of pure energy at once. At close range, anything is absolutely decimated. Effectiveness decreases exponentially as distance increases.

- L LEG: Booster - An added booster that allows hovering and limited flight for enhanced movement, at the cost of higher average energy consumption.

- R LEG: Booster - An added booster that allows hovering and limited flight for enhanced movement, at the cost of higher average energy consumption.


- Weapon Ability: Dead Eye - No target, no matter how small or fast, can escape. If it can be seen, it can be shot. In the head.

- Armor Ability: Primal Barrier - Timed energy pulse capable of reflecting energy attacks, such as blades or lasers, or detonating physical threats such as missiles. Larger objects are unaffected by Primal Barrier.

- Tech Ability: Fusion Boost - Rear-mounted fusion reactor can be activated for drastically increased energy, at the cost of severe radiation poisoning and corrosion from prolonged use.


The dark, angular silhouette of Aaliyah is a symbol of pervading, everlasting fear those who have seen it and lived to tell the tale. Death is granted to those in a flash of blinding light. Unmatched in battle, Aaliyah had been a renowned warrior in his human times: however, he knows nothing of this. Taken by the Purists, who wished to preserve his combat ability, Aaliyah was then quickly instituted him into a robotic shell, immortalizing him in a body of steel. It didn't take long before he had mastered the weapons given to him, utilizing them to frightening potential. In a matter of weeks he had placed himself as the right hand of the Purists, their deadliest warrior and most trusted assassins.


Name: Chris Cain
Model Name: AN-0470
Power Level: 3
- Head: Simple, circular helmet for limited protection at all angles.
- Eyes: Computer-enhanced HUD: green visor.
- Body: Standard-issue core body. Light yet still resilient to punishment.
- Accessory: Fluorescent pendant. It glows in the presence of another mecha.

- Preferred Weapon: MLK079 - BOON "Heavy Handgun" - A simple yet powerful pistol that can be whipped out at a moment's notice. Easily concealable yet packs great strength contrary to its size. Uses physical rounds.

Attached Weapons:

- L ARM: MUI000 - GAIA "Energy Welder" - A small welder meant more for utility than combat. Weak, but can easily mend broken mecha in the right hands.

- R ARM: Energized Metal - A hunk of rare charged metal that reflects energy beams. Chris discovered it and molded it into a form which he could easily carry as a shield.

- L LEG: None - The lack of any extra weapons greatly lightens him, allowing him to run faster than most mecha.

- R LEG: None- The lack of any extra weapons greatly lightens him, allowing him to run faster than most mecha.


Weapon Ability: Flare Shot - Chris can alter the rounds of his BOON handgun to fire a flare that discharges a debilitating flash of light upon impact, severely damaging the retinas or optics on organics or machines.

Armor Ability: Gear Assemble - Chris's skill in robotic mechanics allows him to make full use of any fallen parts. He can take parts from enemy mecha or even discarded scrap metal and use them to reinforce himself or allies.

Tech Ability: Gear Vision - His previous occupation as a mechanic allows him to quickly identify any weak spots or chinks in the armor of opposing mecha.


As with the rest of his comrades, Chris knows nothing of his immediate previous life. All that he is aware was that he was a lowly mechanic for the mecha for some company he couldn't remember or bother to care about. But now, after waking up in a strange, underground base in a very hostile world, he is in a much sticker dilemma than money issues.
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PostSubject: Re: OOC: The Machine Movement   

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OOC: The Machine Movement
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