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Title : You do that again and I'm knocking you into next week.

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PostSubject: RP Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:06 pm

Table of Contents:

1. The Most Important Rules
- 1.2 Auto-Hitting
- 1.3 Evading Auto-Hits

2. Character Creation
- 2.1 Creating the Sheet
- 2.2 Naming
- 2.3 Clothing
- 2.4 Abilities

3. General RP Threads
- 3.1 Creating a Thread
- 3.2 Storytelling / Word Limit

4. Outside RP Events
- 4.1 OOC and IC
- 4.2 Time Skip
- 4.3 Absence

5. Problems
- 5.1 Disconnected Users
- 5.2 Debates
- 5.3 Absent Authors
- 5.4 Trolling

1: The Most Important Rules


I cannot stress this enough. If you participate in an RP, we all expect you to play fairly. God Mod is a term for "being uber, untouchable, and invincible". We all know it's boring to play with targets that are impossible to hit. It's reasons like these people that prevents the story from either progressing or make it progress against the author's plans.

1.2 - Auto-Hitting

Like reality, we miss our goals. It is impossible to hit someone every time. And this applies to the RPs. If you hit someone once, that's great! If you hit them a third time in a row, I guess it's okay. If you hit the person a 5th time, we all know that now you're just being ridiculous. Do not claim to automatically hit your opponents every time. Spice it up by missing purposely.

1.3 - Evading Auto-Hits

Ho boy, are we going into Miles Edgeworth's Logic System here. A good way to avoid attacks is to write a clever way to dodge either using abilities or surroundings. For example, Joe's right leg got chained by Jinda's whip chain. Joe can avoid being thrown by using his Acid item to spray the chain to break free. Keep in mind that we do not encourage destroying other characters' properties. If I did not make this clear, do not evade hits too often or it will be categorized as god modding. (See rule 1.1)

2: Character Creation

2.1 - Creating the Sheet

There lies one question: Where do you make a thread for creating a character sheet? Depending on the respective type of RP, you must create two threads: An OOC topic with character data and the actual RP thread. The author must create his or her own RP character sheet fill-out for the rest of the users.

2.2 - Naming

Character design is fun, but time consuming. We don't want to see your average Joe who can only pelt rocks unless he becomes important and interesting later on. We don't want to see "Jinda Hazuma Kayaku the fifth Ninja of the Heragama Lake" either. Something with a first and a last name should suffice.

2.3 - Clothing

Do not add in too much clothing unless you can provide a picture of that clothing somehow. We readers have a short attention span for a reason, hence "TL;DR".

2.4 - Abilities

A character with cool abilities is cliche that we cannot break out of. Abilities like creating a distraction or flying with a broomstick sounds mediocre but clean. Abilities like burning down an entire village is just uberly pathetic. Do not have overpowering abilities that can put other characters at a disadvantage.

3: General RP Threads

3.1 - Starting a New Thread

This one's easy. First, enter the appropriate topic thread. Then create a new topic. You must label it (FTJ) or (Private) after the title. FTJ (Free to Join) allows any user to enter the RP thread at any time. Private restricts to certain users joining the RP. Should anyone invade the Private thread without the author's consent should be reported unless if it is announced as an honest mistake.

3.2 - Storytelling / Word Limit

The beginning posts and the ending posts can be as long as they want. However, the second to semi-last posts should NOT be longer than 100 characters! The font must stay at its default at 12. We're not here to write a novel, but short stories so users can jump in at any given moment without any confusion. It's fun explaining in details, but it must be understandable to the ones with basic reading abilities.

4: Outside RP Events

4.1 - OOC and IC

OOC (Out of Character) is a post that is not included in the RP. It is strongly recommended that you do this when you need to speak to another user directly. Not adding in an IC is fine as long as it is obvious that the user is being in character.

User2 wrote:
OOC: Oh by the way guys, I gotta go somewhere this weekend.

IC: Jinda crashed into the nearest wall and is now out cold.
User1 wrote:
OOC: Aww that's lame! Alright, see you on Monday.

Joe backed off, panting. "I... I did that?"

4.2 -Time Skip

If you need to skip traveling or wait for a while, this is a rule called a Time Skip. Only the author of their own RP thread can do so. However, it must be announced first to ensure if any other characters are ready for the events that are to come. If everyone is or already ready, the author can call in for a "Time Skip".

4.3 - Absence

If a use needs to be absent, it is recommended that they post about it in OOC format. That way, users can either wait for the user to come back or continue the RP by the absent user's wish.

5: Problems

5.1 - Disconnected User

If a user who became absent for three weeks does not respond, their character in the RP is removed from the RP via missing in action. The removed user must PM or email the author if he or she is allowed to reenter the RP thread once more. The author reserve the right to decline.

5.2 - Debates

Should two users argue about the events in the RP taking place should seek the RP Moderators for help. The RP Moderators will take judgment of the events of the RP and decide who is right.

5.3 - Absent Author

If the author who became absent for three weeks does not respond within a month, the author's RP is shut down and will be locked until further notice. Authors need to seek the moderators of the forum for permission to reactivate the topic thread via PM or email.

5.4 - Trolling

I do not understand what kind of person would think trolling is safe. Should a random user invade an RP thread and spam or create threats are to be notified by the Moderators of the forum for it is a violation of the General Rules.
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