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 Signature Rules

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Title : You do that again and I'm knocking you into next week.

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PostSubject: Signature Rules   Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:09 pm

UPDATED: May 16, 2010


Signatures can be activated in Profile > Preference. Check it to "Yes" so your signature will be added on each post.

Signature Character Length

Should your characters stretch the forum beyond 1000 pixels wide will be removed or shortened by moderator's judgment.

Signature Image Length

The minimum amount displayed on your signature is 500 x 150 and 99kb. You may stack images with the height no longer than 180 pixels total. Otherwise, your signature cannot stretch the page. Anything images bigger than 500 x 150 is recommended to be kept in spoilers tag.


If otherwise ignored, the user will get a warning. The second and third warning will than put any images in the signature under the spoilers tag and characters will be either removed or shortened by moderator preference. If the user is resisting the moderators after three warnings, the user will be suspended for a week.

As of 08/12/10:
Need to share Monster Hunter Videos to see dem outtakes here!
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Signature Rules
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