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 The Story of Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness

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PostSubject: The Story of Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness   Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:16 pm

Some crap I decided to write in exactly one hour: no more, no less. Could be worse.

The sun lingered lazily above in the sky, as if it were being dangled from the strings of a particularly patient puppet master. The glowing mass of hydrogen and nuclear energy weakly cast its warmth and radiance upon the oriental-styled building, whose inhabitants were already long awake before the sun had even began its skyward journey. The structure was tall, like no other, rivaling the height of the neighboring mountains in its grandeur. One could even say it touched the heavenly sky itself. At the very top of the building was an open tower, which housed two blurred silhouettes dancing about furiously. A man or woman on the ground would be unable to notice, but the sharp eyes of an eagle would be able to see the bright, crimson hair of a youth whipping the air as the head and body to which it belonged to dashed about. The eagle would also be able to notice the older, grey-haired man, who seemed to be little more than a moving blur, even to the trained eyes of the bird. Sparks danced and flew as rival swords collided, sending the distinctive clang and shriek reverberating throughout into the air.

The man roared, slamming his blade into his opponent's with all the force his aged body could muster.

"Grandmaster," the young man named Gorz replied smoothly, grinning as he forced his master's blade away, "You're performing same mistakes I did. Don't tell me you're getting rusty, are you?"

The Grandmaster only answered with a grunt as he brought his glowing blade back for another strike. Gorz easily saw the attack coming, his bright orange hair flowing in the wind as he parried the blow with ease. Another shower of sparks flew into the air, and there was a glint of metal, followed by an ugly shattering sound. The distinct hiss of the death of an energized sword filled the air.

"Heh, pitiful." Gorz turned his back to his fallen opponent. "I didn't even break out a single sweat."

"Gorz." the Grandmaster replied, his knees resting on the tatami mat, "Even in victory, you must always show respect to your opponent. Remember your honor."

"Who gives a **** about honor?" Gorz grinned, facing the Grandmaster.

"Strength, speed, cunning, and power are all that matters."

"And that, Gorz," the Grandmaster rose to place a hand on the youth's shoulder,

"Is exactly what I am afraid of."

"Don't worry about me, Grandmaster," Gorz pointed to his flexed biceps, "I've got myself covered."

The Grandmaster replied with a hearty laugh, and the orange-haired youth followed in suite. When the two finally stopped laughing, which was a while, the Grandmaster broke the silence which followed.

"Come, Gorz, the rest of the six are waiting. We've done enough sparring for today," he motioned towards his shattered energy sword, which was lying in pieces on the sparring floor. Gorz nodded, and passed through the doorway behind him. The Grandmaster stayed behind, if only for a moment, to gaze at the banner above the door. Upon the banner lay an intricate symbol depicting one large circle, with seven circles inside. The insignia of the Seven Samurai.


The residence of the Seven Samurai was complex, and beyond all, enormous. There were about a thousand rooms, not counting the numerous hidden corridors and passageways leading to hundreds more. Built long before anybody could even remember, the venerable Tenkabito Shien, also known as the Great Shogun Shien, was the current owner, as was his father, and his father's father, and his father before that. This was his heritage, and the Great Shogun was proud of it. The morning was still young, and only the Grandmaster, Gorz, and the Great Shogun had awaken. The other six samurai, Irou, Kamon, Yaichi, Zanji, Yariza, and Nisashi, had just arisen from their cots in time for breakfast, already fully clothed and clad in their color-coded armor.

"Oh, boy." the blue-armored warrior spoke, which happened to be Yariza. He gripped a de-activated energy lance in his hands.

"Yesterday's training was brutal. I hope we get something to eat something to make up for it, my body's aching everywhere." The youth stretched out, then made an exaggerated expression of agony.

"Shut up Yariza, nobody cares about you." The voice came from the purple-armored youth, named Irou.

"Your mom never cared about you, Irou! OOWWOOOHHH!!!" the orange-armored youth taunted, making silly hand gestures whilst dancing around Irou.

"Keep it down, Zanji, I'm trying to study, here." The voice came yellow-colored youth, Yaichi, sitting down at the wooden table, his eyes boring into a book filled with incomprehensible notes and markings.

"Studying's overrated, Yaichi. You gotta learn to do something else other than reading, like, y'know, getting a girlfriend, or something." The red-colored warrior, Kamon, laughed, leaning his back against the wall.

"COULD ALL OF YOU JUST SHUT UP?!??!" The last warrior, an emerald-armored youth roared, gripping his head with his hands. Unfortunately, the other five didn't take kindly to his outburst.


Somewhere, a window shattered.


Breakfast had finally been produced, after the wait of about half an hour, at exactly 6:30. The meal consisted of a wholesome grain meal, complemented by an apple slice and a pint of soy milk. As each of the six samurai took his plate, there was the menacing glare of disapproval into each of their meals, but none of them dared say a word. The watchful eyes and ears of the Grandmaster were upon them. Swiftly, they made their way to the wooden tables in which they dined in completely and utter silence. Gorz, however, was different.

"What is this ****?!" He blurted out, as the Chamberlain dumped his share into the plate. At once, there was an enormous shuffling as everybody in the room stared at the black-armored youth. Then, after seeing it was nobody other than Gorz, they resumed eating. The Chamberlain, his morose, emotionless expression still worn across his face, said nothing as he piled upon another serving of the meal onto Gorz's plate. Gorz shot a venomous glance at the man, but the man remained as expressionless as a rock. Cursing under his breath, Gorz made his way to the rest of the group. He plopped down on a vacant seat, grumbling.

His spoon had just entered the warm, gushy mush and was about to enter his mouth, but there was an interruption. Suddenly, there was a blood-curdling scream, somewhere outside on the streets below.

"What was that?" Every single one of them inquired in unison, as they all huddled towards the solitary window at the side of the building. Gorz was the first one to reach his destination, but quickly found himself being piled upon by six, heaving bodies. He groaned in protest, and looked outside the window.

"What's the meaning of all this..." the Grandmaster muttered, as he produced a datapad and accessed the camera feed around the dojo.

"Oh my Ra..."

There, a terrifying sight beheld all of them. Gorz's eyes were wide. Black fire still burned what remained of the surrounding village, like a disgusting, rapidly spreading infection. Even from so high up, Gorz could see the countless bodies of the villagers dotting the dirt floor, their bodies burning with the same dark fire.

"What the hell?!" Gorz screamed.

"We've got to do something!"

"Hold your steed, Gorz!" the Grandmaster roared.

"The Seven Samurai do not know what's out there. Charging out with intelligence is suicide, and you of all people should know this!"

"I don't care, my family is still in that village!" Gorz pointed madly at the burning town.

"Standing here and watching them die is NOT what I have in mind!"

With that, Gorz brandished his longsword, and leapt from the windowsill.

"GORZ!!!" the Grandmaster shouted, but it was too late. His greatest pupil was already flying down the sides of the Seven Samurai's dojo. There was a long, thick silence, as the other six looked at the Grandmaster for further instruction.

"WELL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Ready yourselves. Your brother isn't fighting whatever is out there unassisted."


They all bowed in unison.


The feeling of air rushing past his face was a sensation Gorz hadn't experienced in a long, long time. He loved it. He loved being on the edge, on the frontlines, the pressure pushing at his shoulders. Reckless was his middle name.

The ground started to come up fast, and Gorz readied himself for the landing. His feet were positioned at just exactly the right position as he slammed into the ground, one hand on the floor, one hand in the air. There was no sound of bones breaking, or the screams of agony. Sand and dust flew everywhere from the immense force of the impact. Gorz simply stood up, brushed his hands off, and walked off into the heart of the burning village, as if he had just done something very unspectacular.

The place was hot, hotter than Gorz could imagine. The black flames were really heating the place up: they must be warmer than normal flames. Gorz broke into a run. Still burning villagers screamed as they rushed past him. One poor fellow attempted to pour a bucket of water on himself, but the flames simply exploded with greater vigor all over his body. Gorz winced: these were magical fires. Magical fires could be enchanted to resist any form of extinguishment. For now, there was nothing he could do to help any of the villagers. As he ran, he prayed that his mother was still alive, and hopefully, well.

It was only a matter of time before he reached the place of his original home. Or, what remained of his his home. All that remained was a pile of smoldering ash and wood, and a few iron pillars of where the foundations once stood. Eyes filled with terror and despair, Gorz rushed into the debris, tearing apart the rubble with his bare hands.


Tears issued from the youth's eyes, dripping onto a human skull.

"Oh god... mom..." Gorz choked, rubbing his hands on the oddly clean remains of his mother: a skeleton stripped clean of all flesh. It was a long time since he had cried like this, but he didn't care anymore. His only living relative was dead. The pain was indescribable. It was only then, when he saw the cause of all the mayhem. A strange looking man, clad in black robes, caught Gorz's sight. The man's skin was almost inhuman, an eeire purple tinge. In both of the man's hands were two glowing orbs, one dark, one light. As the man walked, he ignited the nearby buildings into black fire, laughing horribly as he did so. As villagers fled the buildings, he ignited them, as well. The sight of it filled Gorz's heart and soul with rage. How could somebody do something so monstrous, and enjoy such a thing? He was going to rip this guy's head clean off.

"HEY, YOU!!!" Gorz yelled, running towards the wizard. As the man turned around, Gorz was met with a horrifying sight. Animal-like, yellow eyes bore into him from the darkness of the man's face, and the man himself seemed to emanate a definitely unsettling dark aura.

"Oh, if it isn't a little child here to ruin my fun," the sorcerer chuckled.

"Don't you dare call me a child!" Gorz roared, pulling his sword back for a hack at the man. Suddenly, he heard the sorcerer laugh, the next thing he knew, he was flying backwards with great force. His body smashed into the floor, before he drove his sword into the floor, anchoring him in place.

"Do you know who I am, child?" the sorcerer cackled, opening his arms up in a wide stance.

"I'm the Chaos Sorceror!" The Chaos Sorceror laughed once more, raising his palm as he fired a burst of darkness directly at Gorz. Gorz barely saw the blast coming as he instinctively used his sword to absorb the attack.

"I am the ruler of darkness, and commander of the arcane! Your silly martial arts can't do a thing to harm me!"

"We'll see about that, psycho." Gorz dashed forth, sword in hand, running in a killer rush straight at the Chaos Sorcerer. The Chaos Sorcerer didn't see him coming, a look of surprise dead upon his face to see the black blur heading towards him. Gorz raised his sword for a blow, and probably would have succeeded in hacking the Chaos Sorcerer down had there not been an interruption.

"GORZ!" A voice shouted.

"Wuzzah?!" Gorz cried, looking back. The Grandmaster and the rest of the Seven Samurai had appeared on the scene.

"It's about time!!!" Gorz screamed. But as he turned around he found a hand of dark energy flying into his face. There wasn't enough time to dodge. The attack slammed directly into him. A curious sensation enveloped his body, and soon, Gorz found himself staring into darkness. Gorz couldn't feel himself standing anymore. In fact, he was actually floating in a sea of nothingness. Moments ago, he had been rushing the Chaos Sorcerer with his sword. Now, he found himself in the realm of Chaos.


"Begone, bothersome gnat," the Chaos Sorcerer muttered. Gorz was no longer there.


It had been what felt like days. Weeks, maybe. Gorz was utterly helpless, as his body floated about in the dark realm. There was a complete lack of things to do, and above all, no way to relieve himself of the insurmountable anger that had welled up inside his soul.

"GODDAMMIT!" Gorz cursed, slamming his fist into his knee. He ignored the pain: anger was a good painkiller. If only the rest of them hadn't distracted him... all of this would have been done and over with. He wouldn't be here, and he would have avenged his mother's death. Suddenly, a voice boomed within the darkness.

"GORZ." Gorz jumped a little. It had been a long time since he had heard any voice except his own.

"H-hey! Who's there?!" Gorz shouted, although he felt a bit foolish by doing so. There was nothing to speak to.

"You have lost something very dear to you, Gorz." the voice said. The tone was somewhat comforting, but at the same time, foreboding and eerie.

"I can see the hatred within your soul,"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Gorz shouted, once again, his voice a bit shaky this time.

"I think you and I both know what I'm referring to..."

At once, an image of his mother's charred remains and the Chaos Sorcerer appeared in front of Gorz's eyes. At the mere sight of the man, Gorz felt his anger flare up like a wild-fire.

"I am generous. I can give you exactly what you need to kill his man." The voice spoke, more forcefully this time, yet, strangely, still as sickly sweet as fresh honey.

"N-no..." Gorz spluttered, burying his face in his hands. This was a world of darkness. He knew it was tempting him. Yet the allure of darkness was powerful indeed. Gorz could feel its influence creeping upon him. Deep inside, Gorz knew that the voice was right.

"I can't..."

"Oh, yes you can... It will be simple."

"If you want this man dead, all you must do, is say yes."

It took Gorz a while to think about it. Yet the darkness was patient. It knew he was thinking. In the end, however, his anger won out.

"Y-yes... I want to rip this man from limb to limb, and destroy him."

"Then that is what you will do."
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The Story of Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
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