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 Chronicles of Templaria: Descriptions of Minor Characters/Beings, Enemies, and Important Events

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Templaria: Descriptions of Minor Characters/Beings, Enemies, and Important Events   Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:37 pm

The Great Fall

Humanity, in the throes of technological advancement, believed itself to be the most superior race on the planet. This belief was quickly debunked after an underground tomb was discovered, containing a malicious entity that quickly began to slaughter and obliterate all resistance. Negotiation was futile, as the being, known as Templaria, would simply kill any being that crossed its path. The book acted quickly, sending its minions, the Cantos, and using their ability to dominate the will of any human, toppled the world's governments in less than a month. All hope seemed lost at this point, until one child was discovered to have destroyed a Canto with a mysterious bolt of energy. This discovery led to the breakthrough that nearly all humans were now able to wield magic, the one thing that Cantos and Templaria were weak to and shunned. Almost as quickly as the humans were defeated, the Cantos were swiftly driven back to their borders. In a final act of desperation, Templaria sealed itself and most its Cantos away to an unknown future.

The Union

A "democratic," yet totalitarian government said to have been founded by the heroes of mankind that led the final assault against Templaria. The Union currently controls 90% of the world's human population, the other 10% rebels and miscreants in the process of being crushed. As any post-apocalyptic government would be, the Union is filled with flaws and is incredibly shaky, the gap between the rich and the poor at the absolute extreme. Poorer citizens, usually those who are unable to utilize magic, live in total misery, while the aristocrats, those who are said to be the "offspring of the heroes" pride themselves with luxury.


When magic instills itself in a human, it takes a certain form. This form is officially labeled as one's Affinity, and currently there are 7 Affinities that have been recorded: Flare, Magnecite, Gaia, Frost, Proton, Axiom, and Shadow. Flare, Magnecite, Gaia, and Frost represent the elements of fire, electricity, earth/wind, and ice respectively, while Proton, Axiom, and Shadow represent more unreadily classified Affinities. No Affinity has any true advantage over the other, as absolute skill in magic defines one's potential. Scientists believe there are no more additional Affinities, and they might be right.


A term denoting magic-users that have officially registered their Affinity with the Union. Holds a connotation of great skill to whomever it is referring to (in other words, you don't call a noob an Afinaeto).


The "Chapters" are mysterious entities composed entirely of ink. They appear to be mindless, but easily become viciously aggressive at the sight of a human. Cantos are believed to have come in countless forms, each possessing a different form, demeanor, and behavior. While they are said from legend to have been borne from the dark energies of the evil tome Templaria, the Cantos that discovered today are weak, easily being defeated by Students of Templar High as training tools. As of now, the only discovered Cantos are of the Inkpot and Inkblot variety, and dwell in the first levels of the underground library.

Little does society know that even today's Cantos are incredibly dangerous, even the weakest variety able to possess and dominate the body and will of any human, provided they are too weak to resist the Canto's power.

Demi Cantos

The end result of possession by a higher-level Canto. Supremely powerful beings, they are capable of using highly destructive spells, abilities, and human speech. They also retain all the memories of the host, as well as some remnants of their personality, albeit in a demented fashion. Nobody has seen a High Canto since the Great Fall, when humanity was first attacked by Cantos, and they are said to have retreated to their master, the wicked book Templaria.


A mysterious, intoxicating substance said to be produced by Cantos as they perish. Highly addictive, Miasma boosts the link to one's Affinity upon inhalation in gas form or ingestion as a solid or liquid. It's not fully understood by even today's scientists, who have failed to replicate it. While it can be processed, the Miasma is always at its greatest effect when it enters the body immediately after a Canto's death. In short-term effects, boosting the link to one's Affinity allows for more usage of spells or abilities in a given period. Long-term effects have not been studied, but it is rumored that the Miasma is highly toxic.


Pretty much all but the Union has forgotten about these primitive weapons of war. Using an ancient combination of various powders and substances, the contraption launches a projectile of iron at a desired location, causing massive penetration to the target. The projectile, known as a bullet, normally travels too quickly to be deflected by magic, but the most experienced Afinaetos have been known to do so. As of today, all firearms are in possession of the Union or museums.

Spell Schools

Official term used to denote educational systems approved by the Union. Some are quite prominent, demanding academic perfection, while others are little more than slums harboring thugs and warring Students.


Youth that have enrolled in a Spell School. All Students' names are recorded by the Union, allowing them to efficiently locate and track down any unruly Students. Students are "officially" declared Afinaetos at the age of 18.

Templar High Institute of Spellcraft

The most infamous Spell School in existence, said to be built upon the site of the last battle against Templaria in The Great Fall. There is a popular saying going around that Students who are sent here are believed to be "condemned to a lower form of living." Wise words, as Students don't really learn anything in Templar High, except for survival. Every single time a Student lowers his her guard she/he is at constant threat of a collision with a stray fireball or spell or confrontation with random punks lurking in the dark. Deaths are not uncommon in the Templar High Institute of Spellcraft, as there is usually the cold, motionless body of more than one Student lying around in the corners.

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PostSubject: Re: Chronicles of Templaria: Descriptions of Minor Characters/Beings, Enemies, and Important Events   Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:41 pm


Thugs (Male)/Punks (Female)
Affinity: None
Weakness: None
Lvl. 5
HP: 250
ATK: 8
DEF: 7
SPD: 8

"You'd think in a world where magic users are imprisoned, there would be less crimes committed by said users. Well these idiots just broke that assumption. Armed with anything that can be found in the street, these novice thugs don't pose much of a battle to an experienced Afinaeto, but to people who have just recently begun to control their power, they could pose a threat. "

Students (Male/Female)
Affinity: None
Weakness: None
Lvl. 7
HP: 400
STR: 12
DEF: 10
MDEF: 11
SPD: 9


"Those who enroll in Templar High are the Students. These people here have only just begun to control their fledgling strength, and as such, study diligently to improve their knowledge and combat skills."
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Chronicles of Templaria: Descriptions of Minor Characters/Beings, Enemies, and Important Events
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