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 Character Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guide   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:36 am

Age: it would be nice to let us know whether or not we're dealing with an old man or a little girl

Gender: ...moving along

Race: Is your character human? Demon? Elf chick? Tell us. Original or poorly known races must be explained in the Race Topic

Alignment: Good? Evil? Neutral? Tell us...just make it hold up with the rest of the profile. You don't have to use standard DnD alignments, but if you use one that we may not be familiar with, be sure to explain it.

Power Level: Here's an important one. For a bit of an explanation to our power level system...go to our Guide to Power Levels.

Remember that without a power level your character will not be able to be used in an RP.

Timeline: This won't be stressed as much that you put it in the profile but keep in mind that the RPs tend to have timelines and entering a laser shooting cop into a medieval timeline RP isn't the best of ideas...and is usually not allowed by the creator of the RP.

Appearance: Tell us what your person looks like. Try to be as descriptive as possible...and while not required in any way...a picture can help.

Personality: How does your character act and respond to others? If you want, this can be part of your character's History, the next section.

History: Give us some background information. Where'd your character come from? Where'd they get their powers/abilities? How can they do what they do? Just give us a little info.

Powers: Give a description of your characters powers and skills. Relax, you don't have to make up flashy names or anything, just a general description is alright, BUT, you CANNOT use powers that are not on the character sheet you had provided! This keeps the "get out of a jam free" abilities under control.

Equipment: Does your character have any weapons? What are they? They have specific names? Tell us here.

Weakness: It's not stressed that this be independent...but no character's invincible and can beat anyone under any circumstances. Every character has to be able to be killed or defeated.
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Character Creation Guide
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