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PostSubject: ~Stillbirth.   Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:08 pm

Imagine a world...

with angels...

and demons.

With light and darkness intertwined in endless, timeless combat. Where the forces of the holy fight the limitless ranks of evil. As of now, humanity has only begun its first steps upon the world, untainted by the touch of corruption. The original sin does not exist.

Now, imagine a world where the light has lost. The devil has won. The armies of angels have long since fallen, defeated by the never-ending deluge of demons, succubi, and monsters from Hell. The almighty, sensing defeat, bided his time, reluctantly forsaking those he once protected. In this new world there is only darkness, the devil having spread his putrid corruption over every facet of the earth. Humanity, now black with hate and extortion, has eaten the fruit of knowledge, and begun its dark conquering of the world. In this new world, there is no light, no purity, no trust, and no hope. Except for one.

One angel, known to be the last, survives as an unborn inside the womb of one woman. As the woman has not committed to intercourse, a true miracle lies unbeknowst to her directly under her nose. The angel, as the last vestige of purity, must be born if any hope of victory against the darkness is to be realized.

And so, our story begins...


Today started just like any other day of her life.

I mean, she thought, nothing that bad could go wrong, could it?

It was almost about to be born. She could feel it. Within her, she could feel it cry, sleep, kick, and move. But today, it was feeling unusually vivacious. If it was born today, all the better, right?

Boy, was she wrong. At this very moment, unspoken horrors lay directly beyond the door which she so desperately tried to keep shut with her bloodied hands. The monsters banged and threw themselves viciously against the door, each not wanting to miss out on the fun of tearing her to shreds. There was a deafening crack as the door began to splinter. She could hear the terrible snarls and roars of the black creatures inches away from her body. She began to run. Her belly, which resembled a ripe melon, wasn't helping her efforts. A knife lay embedded in the ugly flesh of one of the black demons as she nearly tripped over its corpse as she fled. The being within could sense her panic: she could feel it kicking around inside her, making a general mess of things. The sensation made her feel horribly nauseated. Suddenly, there was an even louder crash, and instantly she knew that the monsters were inside. She doubled her efforts, as much as her body screamed for her to stop. Outside, the blood-red sky seethed with the black silhouettes of winged demons against a white moon in their approach as she hurled herself with her remaining strength up the stairs with tremendous effort. As she climbed the last steps, she placed a hand to the bottom of her stomach; but inexplicably, she felt a strange wetness between her thighs. Within moments, excruciating pain exploded throughout her body, forcing her to scream a horrible wail of agony she never thought she was capable of. It was coming.

As her mind flooded with doubt, she realized she couldn't listen to her body. Not now. Not at this crucial moment. It didn't matter if she died. It only mattered if the more important thing, the thing living inside her as she continued to run, lived. That was all that mattered, and all that she could make sense of right now. Utilizing her most primal instincts, she clawed her way towards the closest room with the unopened door, leaving a streak of wetness behind her. Now, it her mind was shrieking for her to stop her efforts, telling her it was futile. She ignored it, ignored the pain, and ignored the fact that the demons were pervading throughout her house like a wicked stench in their undying search for her. She closed the door, and submitted to the unbearable pain. Now, she could only wait, and hope.

And, at this very moment, she did something she never did before.

She prayed.


9 months ago...

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PostSubject: Re: ~Stillbirth.   Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:11 pm


1. Follow all rules stated in the RP Rules Section.

2. There is a minimum posting requirement in this RP, and that is you must post at least one paragraph. Otherwise, your contribution risks deletion and a request to re-do your post.

3. Follow those character outlines. Original characters ONLY.

4. As a reminder, do not puppet (unless given permission), god-mod, auto-hit, kill without permission, and all that crap.
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