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 Character Data and Discussion

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PostSubject: Character Data and Discussion   Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:31 pm

This thread is for purely character design and discussion, NOT RP DISCUSSION. Post any original characters here, and if you wish for a review, anyone may take up that offer. Have fun.

As a refresher, here is a character template (thanks to Caruso):

Caruso wrote:
Age: it would be nice to let us know whether or not we're dealing with an old man or a little girl

Gender: ...moving along

Race: Is your character human? Demon? Elf chick? Tell us. Original or poorly known races must be explained in the Race Topic

Alignment: Good? Evil? Neutral? Tell us...just make it hold up with the rest of the profile. You don't have to use standard DnD alignments, but if you use one that we may not be familiar with, be sure to explain it.

Power Level: Here's an important one. For a bit of an explanation to our power level system...go to our Guide to Power Levels.

Remember that without a power level your character will not be able to be used in an RP.

Timeline: This won't be stressed as much that you put it in the profile but keep in mind that the RPs tend to have timelines and entering a laser shooting cop into a medieval timeline RP isn't the best of ideas...and is usually not allowed by the creator of the RP.

Appearance: Tell us what your person looks like. Try to be as descriptive as possible...and while not required in any way...a picture can help.

Personality: How does your character act and respond to others? If you want, this can be part of your character's History, the next section.

History: Give us some background information. Where'd your character come from? Where'd they get their powers/abilities? How can they do what they do? Just give us a little info.

Powers: Give a description of your characters powers and skills.

Equipment: Does your character have any weapons? What are they? They have specific names? Tell us here.

Weakness: It's not stressed that this be independent...but no character's invincible and can beat anyone under any circumstances. Every character has to be able to be killed or defeated.

Here is an example:

Thanatos, the Darklord
Alignment: Evil
Power Level: 9
~ Height: 7'5'' (Is an of ungodly height)
~ Hair: N/A (Cannot be seen, but it is black)
~ Eyes: N/A (Cannot be seen, but they are black)
~ Clothing:
~ Head: Cruel Helmet (A dark, vicious-looking helmet that covers Thanatos's entire head. As well as good protection it provides an intimidating visage.)
~ Top: Spiked armor (Cruel-looking armor filled with spikes)
~ Hand: Spiked gauntlets
~ Bottom: Iron greaves (Vicious, spiked greaves)
~ Weapon: Jotuun Longsword (A weapon hosting a dark entity, it absorbs the spirits of those it slays, its taste for blood insatiable.)


~ Soul Crush: Thanatos channels dark energies from his body to utterly annihilate the very soul of the target. Typically launched from his palm at the target, he can do this at relatively no strain upon himself. The victim suffers no physical damage or injury: but without one's soul, all that is left is a lifeless shell. Normally, this is used as terminal punishment for those who displease him greatly: those with great skill can avoid the attack with ease.

~ Godlike Strength: Gifted with power beyond belief from the void from which he came, and further amplified by his use of dark magic, Thanatos's strength exceeds that of any living being. Capable of leveling entire armies, or even diverting whole rivers, the power is all the Darklord's. Almost nothing can withstand his shattering blows: very mountains crumble by his fist.

~ Life Drain: Whenever a living being is injured, a small part of their soul leaks from the wound. While small and insignificant in injuries such as minor cuts or burns, the drainage of soul becomes lethal in grievous wounds. The Darklord is capable of absorbing these "soul leaks" and absorbing it into his own. The most noticeable effect of this ability is instant regeneration of his own physical injuries: because of this, Thanatos is nearly indestructible in conventional combat.

~ Shielding: Mastery in magic has allowed Thanatos to augment his defensive abilities as well as his strength: one of these is the generation of a personal force-shield that renders the Darklord nearly impervious to magical harm. Weaker spells are simply reflected back at their casters, while stronger ones are absorbed into the shield and rectify it further. Only extremely powerful spells, ones that typically deplete the stamina of the caster, are capable of dealing serious damage to the shield, or destroying it completely (if only for a short while).

~ Shapeshifting: Thanatos has many forms besides his typical human shell: however, only very few of them have been witnessed. One is the form of a pitch-black dragon, capable of spewing searing black flames that incinerate the inner soul as well as the flesh. The others, as of now, are unknown.


~ Goodness: Extremely prone to attacks of virtue. If killed in the presence of self-sacrifice, the darklord's soul will be imprisoned.

Age: Unknown (but far over 20)

Gender: Male(?)

Race: ??? (Human???)

History: Nobody knows where the the being named Thanatos came from, or even when he came to be: all that is known is that he is a being of immense power. Early since his creation he quickly acquired power by conquering his neighboring lands single-handedly. As Thanatos cannot be harmed by physical, or even magical means, he is by all means invincible. His once nonexistent ranks quickly swelled to the thousands, in the span of a few months Thanatos already owned a small kingdom. However, this was not enough to satisfy the Darklord. He wanted more, much more. He wanted the world. And with his power, such a goal seems very, very likely...
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Character Data and Discussion
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